Amira (2014)

“Amira” is Amira’s debut album which was released on March 22, 2014. Amira recorded her first album at the age of only 9 years old, in February of that year. Most of the audience’s favourites come from this album.

Take the time to enjoy a sampler of Amira’s debut album below.

  1. O mio babbino caro Amira
  2. Nella fantasia Amira
  3. Voi che sapete Amira
  4. Pie Jesu (Andrew Lloyd Webber) Amira
  5. Caro mio ben Amira
  6. Song to the moon Amira
  7. Ave Maria (Bach / Gounod) Amira
  8. Ombra mai fu Amira
  9. In trutina Amira
  10. Nessun Amira Willighagen

Buy the CD directly from Amira’s Gelukskinders Foundation.