Amira is often compared with, and named among big performers of opera, operatic and cross-over music styles. Her young age, sparkling appearance and crystal clear voice render Amira’s performances into a real experience, leaving the audience totally amazed, and not seldom emotionally touched.

Even while being a World Class artist, Amira is still a young artist who, besides singing, also enjoys attending a normal high school. This means that Amira’s availability for bookings is limited. Therefore, it is important to follow below booking procedure if you would like to book Amira for your event.

Also, it might help to take a look at Amira’s Calendar first to see when she is already booked.

Booking procedure

  1. Please fill in the booking request form below and submit it. Provide as much information as possible to help us get a complete picture of the event, venue and your requierments regarding Amira’s performance. After submitting the form, you will receive a copy via email.
  2. Within a couple of days, you will receive an email informing you about Amira’s availability and an indication of her fee, if possible already with an indication of the extra costs. Alternatively, we might ask you to provide additional information.
  3. If you are the end client and want some time to think things over, you can place an option for two weeks. In most cases, this option can again be extended with another two weeks. To extend your option, you have to contact us before your option has expired. It’s your own responsibility.
  4. You can confirm your booking via email. Once we receive your email, we will reserve the required date exclusively for you, and send you a contract with all details. You need to sign the contract, return it and provide the payment accordingly.

Please note:

  • The sooner you confirm your booking, the lower flight costs may be. These also depend on the season, flight availability etc. Hotel nights, transport and catering must be arranged.
  • Amira is always traveling with one, and sometimes with two people to accompany and assist her. These costs are part of the extra costs.
  • If extra audio equipment is required during a live performance, such equipment -as specified in the rider that may be sent together with the contract- should be present at the venue.

Booking request form

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