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Amira is gestart met een nieuw project op haar naaimachine. Wie kan raden wat ze aan het maken is ?
Amira started with a new sewing project on her sewing machine. Feel free to guess what she is making.
Amira backstage with her orchestra.
Amira backstage with her hosts
Amira at a Chinese garden entrance in Hong Kong
Amira enjoying a delicious Chinese dinner backstage before her performance tonight.
Amira at the hairdresser, getting prepared for her 2nd performance in Hong Kong city
Amira at the hairdresser, getting nice curls for tonights (private) performance
The seafood in Hong Kong is excellent !
Amira and her daddy on top of the sky100 tower in Hong Kong.
The streets in Hong Kong are too crowded for a decent long distance run, the fitness room in the hotel offers some suitable alternatives for getting in some exercise and stay fit and in good condition for tonights performance in Hong Kong City.
Amira on top of the Hong Kong Sky100 tower
The entrance of Hong Kong Sky100 tower
Skyline of Hong Kong city from the top of the Sky100 tower
Amira in front of an exclusive Louis Vuitton shop
Amira between two 'typical' Hong Kong girls in the streets of Hong Kong
It is so difficult to choose which one to try. These lovely cakes also give some inspiration for ideas to try out at Amira's home bakery.....
This is the place to be, between beautifull creations of all kinds of delicious cakes !
Amira and Schilpaddie landed safely at Hong Kong airport. Now in a VIP/VIT limousine on the way to their hotel in Hong Kong city.
Amira and Schilpaddie at Amsterdam  Schiphol airport, ready to board the plane to Hong Kong where Amira will perform during the weekend.
Reading how the Alamo looked like back in 1836.
Amira and Schilpaddie in front of the Alamo Mission in San Antonio
Enjoying dinner at the San Antonio Rainforest Restaurant
Schilpaddie is not afraid of the Texas Longhorn.
Amira and Schilpaddie in front of the historic Cathedral

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