Amira Specials from London, Paris & Crans Montana —— December 2014


★˚•。•♫•°”˜ MERRY CHRISTMAS ˜”°•.♫•❤•♫•°”˜ HAPPY NEW YEAR ˜”°•.♫•★ 。* ••★˚•

Merry Christmas for All Fans !!!Merry Christmas for All Fans !!!Merry Christmas for All Fans !!!

” … In another 10 Years Time … Who can say what we’ll find ? … What lies waiting Down The Line ? … “

Crans Montana —— Amira (10) singing a Duet with composer, pianist and violinist Alma Deutscher (9)

On 20 December 2014, Alma Deutscher, an amazing 9-year old composer, pianist and violinist, performed together with Amira at a UNICEF Gala under the patronage of Sir Roger Moore, Goodwill Ambassador to UNICEF, in Hotel Guarda Golf, Crans Montana, Switzerland. As an encore, they sang a duet from the new opera that Alma is composing now: Cinderella. They had less than an hour to rehearse it, so this encore has an air of improvisation about it, but they both enjoyed themeselves very much, and so did Sir Roger and the audience. Amira liked Alma’s music composition as well as Alma’s instrumental and vocal accompaniment very, very much !!!

Alma is astonishingly amazing !!! Please keep in mind, Alma (born in 2005) is the composer of the Opera “Cinderella” (of which Amira and Alma sang a small part together in this video) and usually not a singer. At the age of only eight years old, Alma had already completed her first major composition, the opera “The Sweeper of Dreams”, which has been highly commended by the English National Opera. For her third birthday Alma got a little violin as a toy. But Alma became so excited by it that she tried playing on it for days on end. Within less than a year, at the age of only four, she was playing Handel sonatas, and at the age of six she composed her first sonata. Alma plays both violin as well as piano fluently. This duet was a suprise / encore at the end of a concert Amira and Alma had given. A long list of music pieces composed by Alma, as well as additional information on Alma, can be found on Wikipedia. Please also visit Alma’s Youtube Channel and enjoy a lot of her amazing performances and compositions …

Paris —— Amira’s Live Performance of “Ave Maria” on French TV Show “Du côté de chez Dave”

On 21 December 2014, Amira gave a Live Performance of “Ave Maria” and was interviewed during the Christmas Special of the French TV Show “Du côté de chez Dave”, broadcasted on France 3. During the interview, Amira received a present in the form of a turtle, to join Schilpaddie, and also briefly sang two extra Christmas Songs in Dutch together with Dave …

London —— Amira’s Live Performance of “O Holy Night” at The Royal Albert Hall

On 15 December 2014, Amira sang the Christmas Song “O Holy Night” as well as “Ave Maria” at The Royal Albert Hall in London …


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