Personal Message from Amira for Fans —— August 2014

Given all You have done for her, Amira would like to use this opportunity to Thank All of You Fans for Your ever ongoing support. Without You, Amira would not have been where she stands today, just one year after pre-auditioning for Holland’s Got Talent 2013 in a small theater in Zwolle in August 2013.

You Fans Made it All Happen

Amira is very grateful for all You have done for her.

You voted for Amira to win Holland’s Got Talent 2013, You turned Amira’s Debut Album CD with 10 opera arias into Gold within 10 days after release, You made Amira the Youngest Person ever Topping the Music Charts in The Netherlands, and You supported Amira during her Vrijthof Concerts with André Rieu in front of a Crowd of 10,000 people each night, just over 10 weeks after Amira became 10 years old and 10 weeks after Amira’s Debut Album CD received a Gold Award.

Roller Coaster & Normal Life

Amira’s life has become a bit of a Roller Coaster since she audtioned for Holland’s Got Talent 2013, but Amira enjoys it and likes to continue sharing her gift with You as often as she can. At the same time, Amira likes to keep her feet at the ground, just like her turtle Schilpaddie ;-), except for the times she is jumping on her trampoline together with her brother Fincent.

Luckily, Amira’s life has remained pretty normal most of the time and Amira enjoys to continue living a normal life as much as possible, just like other children of her age do.

Amira Gives All of You Fans a 10

Amira recently turned 10 Years Old, but You Fans have definitely made her feel 10 Feet Tall as well ! To Thank You, Amira sends you this little tune by Wrabel with Personalised Lyrics and a Big Hug …

Amira —- 10 Years Old —- Feeling 10 Feet Tall 😉

YOU got me Growing Taller everyday

YOU got me Growing Taller everyday
YOU are Giants in a Little Girl’s World
My Heart is pumping up so Big that it could burst

Been trying so hard not to let it show
But YOU got me feeling like
I’m stepping on buildings, cars and boats
I swear I could touch the Sky

Ohhh oh ohh … I’m 10 Years Old
Ohhh oh ohh … I’m 10 Feet Tall 😉

Ohhh oh ohh … a 10 for YOU All

Afrojack - Ten Feet Tall (Lyric Video) ft. Wrabel
In a Little Girl’s World

YOU Build Me Up

YOU Build Me Up
Make me what I never was
YOU Build Me Up
From Nothing into Something
Yeah, Something from the dust

From Nothing into Something

♥ Thank YOU Fans ♥Thank You Fans
♥ ♥ ♥ Thank YOU ♥ ♥ ♥


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